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According to Asian – especially Chinese - traditional medicine, Panax Ginseng contains special properties that maintain youthfulness, increase energy and stimulate the body.

Energy and Mood

The ancient use of ginseng builds up energy in the body, improves overall health and increases vitality, concentration and accuracy. Regular ginseng intake makes you more stress resistant, helps keep a clear mind, and stimulates awareness. Ginseng helps relieve mental pressure and restlessness. Chinese tradition says that ginseng makes you active and optimistic.


One of the oldest known uses of ginseng is to facilitate digestion. Breaking down food and turning it into natural sugars that can easily be absorbed by the body is a complex process. Ginseng helps the body stabilize the blood sugar levels.


The kidneys’ purpose is to filter blood. Ginseng’s natural advantages help clean the blood, absorb vital minerals and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Pour the contents of a stick into a mug or cup and add 150 ml hot water. Stir well, and you are ready to enjoy your cup of ginseng coffee.

Yes, all our products are gluten-free.

All our products are lactose-free, except the Cappuccino, which contains low fat cow milk.

The Black packaging contains 20 sticks instead of the usual 10 sticks.

The packaging with the organic variant contains 80 to 100 cups of coffee.

Ginseng and ginger are not synonyms, they are 2 different roots from 2 very different plants. In our ginseng coffee we use Panax Ginseng which has matured for 6 years.


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